Here I go…

Entry 1: 1/23/2015

Mommies Rock will be my own personal blog about mommy hood and although challenging at times how much you can still Rock it! Whatever “it” may be. 😉 wink wink.

Honestly, I’m not totally sure how this whole blogging thing works, but I thought I’d give it a shot since I need yet another outlet. In becoming a mom I realize that sometimes you can just fall into just being mom, or being so overworked the being a mom has had to some how fit into your schedule. In the end lets face it you feel “BLAH”. Yes blah, like a stale piece of bread. Yuck! Who the heck wants to feel like that? I know that I don’t and when I do I know everyone around me suffers for it. So in a way this blog is to remind me and hopeful you that no matter what you Rock and you can rock “it”, whatever it may be. You can still be mom and you can still feel young, you can be sexy or modest, you can be a fashionista or a self proclaimed chef. I’m here to remind you that you can still be whatever you want to be.

I want to make sure before I continue that you understand that I’m not a therapist or professional of any kind. What I write here are my personal thoughts or opinions or those of my friends.

My goal here is to update this weekly if possible and tell you how I’m doing as a modern day mom (that may include my daily struggles or small wins) and what things have peeked my interest lately.


2 thoughts on “Here I go…

  1. April says:

    Welcome! I started my blog over a year ago for the same reason! I just needed an outlet and it has truly been an amazing experience! Good luck and I look forward to following you 🙂

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