“Working 9 to 5…”

Love that movie. Dolly Parton is a force to be reckoned with.

Well a time has come where working as a part time photographer and being at home is just too chaotic and inconstant.  It appears a new opportunity is knocking at my door and life is giving me a chance to get back on the horse of corporate america. But what is a girl to do after 2 years of following her dream as a mom and a creative.

I will say this being at home with my kids has not been a fun ride in the park. It’s been emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting to say the least. There is no reward and the guilt thermometer reads 212 degrees fahrenheit. (That’s boiling if you’re wondering.) However, the love me and run to me at every turn and that is so worth it.

Being at home for this Silicon Valley Mom means this….

Its waking up every day having no idea what the day will bring. It’s playing good cop and bad cop with your kids because when you’re a silicon valley wife/mom you have to do it all. When your partner works all day and all night it’s hard for him/her to come home and have to parent and manage the home. Heck you’re lucky if they are home in time to say good night to the kids. It’s a reality that we live and it’s unspoken. We live in the bubble of opportunity where people work hard to have their luxuries. With that said, ever day you have no one to rely on but your self when you’re a stay a home in this valley. You must wake up, feed the kids, get them dressed and off to school. That lasts long enough for you to perhaps get through an appointment, attend a school meeting, run to the grocery store and catch up on some email or bills. Then you’re back to pick up the kiddos who want nothing to do with the good ol’ outdoors. Once their home they are like little screen and technology vampires who will demand all your energy should you fight them on the evil “screens.” Yes this is the era of technology. At this point you energy is dwindling and you have to make a very calculated decision of how to approach this situation. But let’s face it, you so desperately want to give in and I admit I do more often then I care to admit. Once you’ve gotten through the screen dilemma you are now forced to remind your children of the importance of reading and homework. And so then the fits and complaints begin. More energy is drained. Once the kids are finally doing the tasks that are required by their educational institution you’re quickly reminded of that lovely bottle of wine or cider in the fridge. Ah yes sanity is in site. The heavens are about to open in the a fruity and delicious blend of peace and serenity. Ah yes, those precious 5 mins of peace are within an arms reach. Thank you Lord!

Once that time has come and gone you’re ready for the mundane routine of dinner and bath time. Which let me remind you is yet another time of complaints and whining. Finally its bed time and you’re so ever grateful to finally find your perfect angels asleep and your personal time in full affect. Oh but wait a second, I have PTA or Home and School Club duties to now follow up on. Dang it! Um you know I really mean “What the F…!”

When all that is done you’ve realize that you feel unaccomplished you’re exhausted and you’re not really sure what you’ve done that day. The dishes are still in the sink (Sh!t) and the laundry has yet to be done (double duty Sh..!) So how is one so tired.

Everyday is like this with some variations so the idea of going back to work seems pretty amazing. The goal would be to work in order to have the resources to maybe hire a cleaning services bi-weekly and even someone to do your laundry (I HATE laundry). It’s with the intent to have more family weekend get a ways with out stress of finances and to offer my kids after school care that would be more exciting and invigorating then coming and fighting with mom about the TV and iPads. And maybe it’s about feeling what to me is normal.

With all this said, it’s sad because it will mean my kids aren’t around me as much. It will mean my parent involvement in school will dwindle and it means me going into a what looks like a scary jungle of the work force. I’m weighing out the pros and cons but I’d love to hear what other moms who’ve been home and have had to go back to the work force. Please share the best and the worst.

PS>  love my kids to the ends of the earth and more but mommy hood just ain’t easy.IMG_0817